From 20th century to the present, as you are well informed, the knowledge and technology used to make various types of products, including industrial products, machineries and equipment, raw materials, Agri products, semi-ready and ready to consume goods had considerable growth, high-tech and complexity. On the other hand, laws and regulations for import controls, obligations and standards, health issues, veterinary and governments controls in different countries have been increased and implemented some process for domestic and international trade of goods, making therefore the use of specialized professional independent inspection services (for quality and quantity control of various goods and services) necessary and inevitable.

In this regard, the BSMI (Blue Ship Marin Inspections group), relying on experienced managers and experts with more than 25 years of high-level knowledge and experience in different countries, provides first class inspection services to buyers and sellers of various goods and services.

“We do not claim that we are the best, but are proud that are appointed by the best”.

Thus many reputable companies from five continents are our permanent customers.

professional principles of BSMI group include first class skills, continuous training of inspectors, presence in most countries of the world, accuracy and speed in performing inspection services and delivery of documents and certificates, plus service guarantees. These have led to the constant growth and flourish of the BSMI group as a leading company making positive contribution to success of our customers.

To be in access, in touch and online managing we have established our own offices in Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, Oman and Iran, the BSMI International Inspection Group has its own companies and partners with reputable inspection companies all around the world. As a result, the efforts in providing high-quality inspection services has motivated the BSMI Group customers to introduce us as a trusted, professional and reputable first-rate company to other companies/ colleagues, and this is an important honorary medal for the BSMI team of executives and inspectors