Technical Inspection

In this field a condition survey on the all parts of crane such as Hydraulic parts, Wire, Winch, Boom, controlling system, will be carried out and in case if it’s accepted a proof load rest will be performed too. The Following services are provided by our professional engineers & staffs:

    • All kinds of mobile crane with telescopic & Lattic Booms,
    • All kinds of shore crane, Gantry crane.
    • All kinds of offshore, pedestal and barrage crane.
    • All Kinds of Lift Trucks, top lift, reach stackers, Transtainer.
    • All kinds of loaders, dozers, excavators, backhoe, Trailer, Truck,…
    • All kinds of lifting facilities such as wire rope sling, Shackles, Hook, Blocks, Chain sling, Spreader, Belt & basket
    • Oil & Gas processing equipment

With rely on our expert engineers and staffs the following inspection services would offered:

  •      Storage tanks inspection
  •      Boiler & pressure vessels
  •      All kinds of heat exchanger, air cooler & cooling towers
  •      Pump & compressors
  •      Reactors
  •      Wellhead equipment parts
  •      Drilling facilities
  •      Pipe line fitting and valves

Storage tank calibration

  • Storage tank calibration & calibration table preparation based on the latest APT standard edition.
  • Calibration of meter, master meter & prover
  • Calibration table computerization

Welding & NDT inspection

  •      Welding engineering consultant
  •      WPS & PQR preparation & certification
  •      Welding instruction preparation & certification WQT
  •      Performing DT & NDT tests

Port facilities inspection

  •      Onshore & offshore facilities inspections
  •      Inspections of marine safety facilities
  •      Loading/unloading devices inspectio