Agriculture and food

BSMI uses its expertise and expertised inspectors in the inspection and sampling of food and agricultural products and testing in certified laboratories of agricultural products, provides its services to ensure product safety, quality improvement and risk reduction. Inspection services of all food and agricultural products include:

• Cereal: Wheat, Corn, Barley, SBM, Rice, Oil seeds, Veg Oil, …

• Legumes: beans, lentils, peas, …

• Vegetable oils, animal fats, fatty acids and oilseeds

• Fruit drinks, juices, nectars, concentrates, carbonated drinks, etc.

• Pharmaceutical Ingredients

• Nuts, sweets and chocolates

• Sugar, raw sugar

• Milk and dairy products

• A variety of fruits and vegetables

• Tea, cocoa and coffee Processed foods

• Essential oils and food coloring

• Meat and its products

• Compotes, canned food and ready meals BSMI provides its services to its customers, including the following, by obtaining the necessary qualifications from the National Standards Organization in the fields of sampling and inspection of goods.

BSMI Group of Inspection provides full range inspections of agriculture and food commodities including:

  1. Sampling during loading, discharging or in warehouse as per Gafta rules and Iso standards
  2. Psi inspection and initial evaluation of the cargo before any purchase
  3. Visual check, packing and marking control
  4. Loading/Discharging supervision
  5. Stock and Fumigation monitoring
  6. Damage survey
  7. On site grading and weighing
  8. Train/Vessel/Truck/Tanker inspection before loading.
  9. Storage, Silos and warehouse Inspection

We act as an independent Company to ensure buyer and seller about the quality and quantity of the cargo compared to the purchase contract and international standards.