Oil and Petrochemical


BSMI provides a variety of inspection services for the handling, transportation and storage of petroleum products including crude oil, petroleum products and petrochemical products. The company’s inspectors have the necessary work skills to perform inspection activities in accordance with international standards. These inspectors are approved by the International Federation of Inspection Companies (IFIA) as “independent and reputable inspectors of petroleum products.”

The services of this section are:
1. Inspection to determine the amount of loaded or unloaded material on ships, vessels, coastal tanks, warehouses and wagons
2. Inspection of ships in terms of material loading capability





3. Inspection and control of wastage
4. Sampling
5. Supervision of tests (all tests are performed in the laboratories of the Ministry of Petroleum and Petrochemical or reputable laboratories)
6. Control and supervision when transporting cargo in pipelines

Quantitative and qualitative inspections are performed on the following materials and products:
1. Petrochemical products including various solvents, aromatics, paraffin, olefin, chlorinated hydrocarbons, benzene, chemical gases, plastic softeners, ether, ester, amines, monomers, additives, ketones, glycols, alcohol , Industrial fats and other chemical species
2. Petroleum products including fuel oil, diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, engine oil, bitumen and gas condensate
3. Crude oil
4. Liquefied gas