BSMI conducts a wide range of offshore inspections at the request of customers including exporters, carriers, shipowners, ship renters, marine service companies, insurance companies and P&I clubs. Marine inspections are performed by experienced personnel with a maritime background.

Marine inspections include:

1. Draft Survey – Ullage Survey
2. Bunker survey
3. On / Off Hire Hire Survey

4. Inspection of ship’s hatches
5. Lashing & Securing Survey
6. Inspection of ship cargo handling equipment
7. Inspection of the condition of goods in sea transport and inspection of the condition of sea containers
8. Damage inspections
9. Investigation of seawater pollution and inspections required by insurance companies and P&I clubs
10. Inspect inspection of ship’s holds and ensure readiness for the use of bagged goods and sulfur
11. Calculate the center of gravity and torque and the angle of recovery in light bulk carriers.
12. Inspect and report ship conditions for sale