BSMI in the field of minerals and metals, as a consultant and business partner with its employers; Using its experienced inspectors, this department performs various services such as weight control, container and warehouse inspection, physical inspection, sampling, etc., and provides inspection reports as soon as possible with the help of reputable domestic and foreign laboratories.

Mineral and metal inspection services include:

Pre-shipment inspections in to warehouses, factories and mines
On-the-spot inspections at ports and exit terminals
Supervision of loading and unloading in ports and warehouses (inside and outside the country)
Draft survey to determine the weight of ship cargo and monitor scales
Qualitative sampling and sample preparation
Damage inspections of goods and estimation of the amount of damage.

Supervise the arrangement and stabilization of goods in ship / container hulls.
ship’s holds/hatches inspection
Providing consulting services to ensure quality and improve the process
The items inspected in this regard are:

Minerals such as iron, chromite and manganese (in the form of soil and lumps)
Lead and zinc, copper and gold
Non-ferrous and ferrous concentrates
Cement, clinker, lime, marble, gypsum, salt, building materials
And other industrial minerals
Chemical fertilizers
Steel industry in various forms
Ferrous and non-ferrous metals and scrap
Bitumen, chemical products, petrochemicals and raw materials for medicines.